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Panda Coffee: The Go-To Choice for On-Set Caffeine Needs in Entertainment

Coffee Catering

It goes without saying that caffeine has always played a vital role in the energetic, unpredictable entertainment industry. With a constant need for focus and the inevitable long shooting hours, demanding schedules, and creative challenges, cast and crew members need and deserve access to a delightful caffeine boost to keep the show running smoothly. That's where Panda Coffee steps in as the go-to choice for on-set caffeine needs in the entertainment industry, providing top-of-the-range catering services.

A Coffee Experience Like No Other

Panda Coffee is not your average coffee catering service. We understand the unique demands of the entertainment world, and our mission is to elevate the coffee experience on set. Whether you're working on a film, TV show, commercial, or music video, our team is dedicated to providing exceptional coffee and service that stands out in the industry.

Why Choose Panda Coffee?

We Put Quality First

At Panda Coffee, quality is non-negotiable. We source the finest coffee beans, roast them to perfection, and craft each cup with care. Our commitment to quality means you'll always enjoy the best-tasting coffee on set.

We Always Offer Customisation

We believe in catering to your specific needs. Whether it's a classic espresso, a frothy cappuccino, or a trendy cold brew, our menu is fully customisable to suit your preferences. We even offer a selection of dairy-free milk alternatives and flavour options to cater to all tastes.

Speed and Efficiency is Second Nature To Us

In the entertainment industry, time is precious. Our baristas are trained to deliver delicious coffee quickly, so your cast and crew can get back to work without unnecessary delays. We know that keeping the production on schedule is crucial, and we're here to support that goal.

We Provide Flexible On-Location Expertise

Film sets can be located anywhere, from bustling city streets to remote wilderness locations. Our mobile coffee setups are designed to meet the demands of any environment. We're equipped to serve you no matter where your production takes you.

We Guarantee A Friendly Service

We understand that a positive on-set experience is vital. Our team of skilled baristas doesn't just serve coffee; they bring a friendly and approachable attitude to every interaction, ensuring that everyone feels valued and well taken care of.

Building Strong Relationships is Important To Us

At Panda Coffee, we always stove to build strong relationships within the entertainment industry, and ensure you have a reliable and consistent catering contact for every filming project. We take pride in being part of your production journey, providing the caffeine boost you need to power through long days and late nights. Our presence on set is a partnership, a support system, and a connection that enhances the overall experience.

Hire Panda Coffee, and See The Difference

Behind every great production is a team of dedicated professionals, including those who keep the caffeine flowing. Panda Coffee is honoured to be the go-to choice for on-set caffeine needs in entertainment, and we're excited to continue serving you for years to come. Your success is our passion, and we're here to fuel your hardworking team, one cup at a time.


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