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 Our Coffee.

Our wonderful pals at Lindfield Coffee Works share the same vision and set of ethics as ourselves. They care about the farmers, the lives they lead and wanted to ensure they were getting a fair deal. The guys buy from 3 Farmers in San Roque, Antioquia Columbia, and have recently returned from an amazing trip to the plantations and seeing how they are getting on. We may pay more per cup from our profit than other companies but we know the positive financial and social impact has on these families and their workers so we are happy with that.

We are proud suppliers of this AAA Grade Small Batch, Locally Roasted Coffee as it not only tastes amazing but we know it's doing a lot of good in the world!

Photos from Lindfield Coffee Works Team Visiting the Coffee Farmers Supplying our coffee in San Roque, Antioquia, Colombia.

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