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Warm Up Your Winter Set: Panda Coffee's TV Coffee Catering Solutions

Coffee Catering

With winter well on its way, and frosty mornings becoming an everyday occurrence, TV production sets face the challenge of keeping cast and crew warm and energised.

Panda Coffee offers a unique and comforting solution with our TV Coffee Catering services. Our goal is to bring warmth to the cold weather with great tasting caffeine options, ensuring that your team remains motivated, and cosy, even on the coldest of shooting days.

A Warm Cup of Beautifully-Blended Coffee on Cold Sets:

On an outside location, a hot cup of coffee is a comforting treat. It can be the key to productivity. With early call times and long hours typical in TV production, Panda Coffee's timely and quality service becomes an invaluable asset on any set.

Panda Coffee’s Tailored Catering Solutions:

Customised Coffee Menus: Understanding that taste preferences vary, we offer a diverse range of coffee blends and specialty drinks, from classic espressos to festive lattes, ensuring there’s something for everyone.

Mobile Coffee Stations: Our mobile coffee stations are designed to set up at any set location, providing easy access to hot beverages for the cast and crew. They are specially custom-built and equipped to handle the demands of any size of production, ensuring no one is left waiting in the cold.

Experienced Baristas: Our team of professional baristas are not only skilled in coffee making but also understand the dynamics of a TV set. They serve swiftly and efficiently, ensuring minimal disruption to the production flow.

Elevating the Mood Through The Colder Seasons

As coffee enthusiasts, we know that a good cup of coffee can be a significant mood booster, especially under the stresses of a tight shooting schedule. Panda Coffee's presence on set helps create a more relaxed and friendly atmosphere, fostering camaraderie and collaboration among the team.

Sustainability in Every Sip:

We are committed to sustainability, ensuring that our coffee is ethically sourced and served in environmentally friendly cups. Our practices align with the increasing need for eco-conscious solutions in all aspects of production, ensuring you’re choosing a company that aligns with the ethos of yours.

At Panda Coffee, we understand that the simple pleasure of a great cup of coffee can have a substantial impact, especially in the cold months on your TV production set. Our TV Coffee Catering solutions are designed to bring comfort to your set, enhancing the overall experience for everyone involved.


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