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Food on Set: Do's and Don'ts for Feeding Your Crew

The Benefits Of Mobile Catering

There’s a lot that goes behind capturing the perfect shot. Building an environment that encourages creativity and imagination relies heavily on the sustenance provided by a professional Film and TV catering company.

Having spent countless years building our business as a go-to Film catering option, we know what you need to stay within budget and to keep your crew satisfied. If you’re struggling to know what to look out for when choosing the best Film and TV Catering company, we’re here to lend some expertise and insider knowledge on the Do’s and Don’ts when it comes to feeding your crew.

Do: Think about Options!

Filmmaking is a complex job. When you're working on a big project, there are usually hundreds of people involved. Old-time industry buffs on set won’t put up with mediocre catering solutions, and will have high expectations when it comes to quick access to a varied catering selection that is healthy, enjoyable and filling. Providing a sufficient amount of options on a catering menu is pivotal to building a top-ranking reputation in the industry..

"Panda One", our specialty coffee and food truck has served production companies up and down the country, is custom built to ensure we can produce both sweet and savoury options, and beautifully crafted coffee that will keep the whole team fuelled and energised.

Don’t: Take a “one size fits all” approach when it comes to catering

When it comes to a busy film set where everyone’s personalities are larger than life, you’ll quickly find that not everybody eats the same food, or eats at the same time on set due to staggered call times and delayed shots.

Approaching a catering job involves looking at the ‘bigger picture’, ensuring hot and fresh food is available for both the early birds on set, and those working well into the night. Dietary requirements must also be a key focus of any catering plan, and a strict attention to detail should be taken to ensure everyone working on set is well informed on food containing key allergens. Having staff well-informed of regulations is imperative, ensuring they will be more than equipped to answer any queries on the day.

Don’t: Choose a company that is put off by a little rain or distance

The best Film and TV catering companies are able to take on any projects regardless of weather, location or scale. Whether it be a rural location shoot, with an unexpected rainfall threatening to bring down the whole morale of your set, or a scorching summer day in a large-scale studio, a catering service should be reliable and adaptable to different conditions and filming environments.

We’ve learned the unpredictable nature of the industry (and the UK weather of course) and have the solution to delivering food to even the most rural filming spots, come rain or shine. We’ll get the food to your team by any means possible, and go above and beyond to make sure nobody on set goes hungry!

Do: Hire someone with Industry experience

It goes without saying that the best Film and TV catering companies bring an impressive portfolio of previous clients along with them to any new project. The TV and Film-industry works like dominoes when it comes to choosing a trusted and quality catering option for any location or studio filming shoot.

Panda Coffee are proud to have worked on a wide variety of film projects, for some of the most established names in the industry such as Netflix and Universal Studios. A culmination of hard work, contemporary menu options and a leading team to deliver our tailored services, we bring an unrivalled level of industry experience to any project and are always seeking ways with which to grow and build our clientele.

When it comes to catering, listening is vital. Then the rest of your successful catering plan will follow, once you have a clear and concise understanding of the specific requirements of each client.

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