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Mobile Coffee Catering Van London

Mobile Coffee Catering Van London

If you are looking for a mobile coffee catering van in London, look no further than Panda Coffee. We have extensive expertise in the industry. From corporate days, gala dinners, and commercial and industrial sites to weddings, birthdays and anniversary parties to office blocks and train stations, mobile coffee catering vans provide unparalleled amenities when needed. 


Whether you are looking for a one-off service or something more regular, our highly-experienced team of project managers, chefs and baristas are on hand to provide professional solutions. From fast coffee or tea your way, bespoke street food, hot and cold buffet dining, made-to-order desserts, canapes, sharing platters and much more, our highly-skilled and trained staff can create exquisite catering menus to suit any occasion. So, whether you would like just coffee and sandwiches, formal dining for your wedding including canapes or a casual feast-sharing board for your guests, no one does coffee catering as we do.



Experts In Mobile Coffee Catering Van Hire Services In London


A cup of coffee in the morning does more than kickstart your day; it can relieve a mid-afternoon lull, be a social cue in the office, be an ice breaker in a meeting, and be a delicious break-time refreshment. Of course, coffee is always a necessity in the office. At Panda Coffee, we are proud to offer tailor-made coffee solutions for all, but with years of expertise under our belts, we have also become the go-to in catering choices for large and small events in London, from local county fairs, parties, corporate events and funerals, we work with you to create a hot and/or cold food menu that suits your situation. With Mediterranean, Asian, and BBQ influences to name a few, our vans are fitted with stone-baked pizza ovens to provide great taste, variety, fast food solutions and great results every time.


Why Choose To Hire Our Mobile Coffee Catering Vans In London?


Our experienced team at Panda Coffee can create a bespoke plan to work to your necessities. Our expert coffee providers and chefs are focused on exceptional customer service, delicious food and beverages and convenience for their clients. The mobile coffee catering vans are impressive, state-of-the-art and can travel to any site. So if you are having a wedding on a farm, a corporate retreat at a London hotel, an outdoor concert in a field, or you need a mobile coffee catering service to set up camp outside your office, we can help. 


If you would like to learn more about our mobile coffee catering van services in London, contact us today!

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