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Corporate Coffee Stand

Corporate Coffee Stand

If you are looking for a professional corporate coffee stand service, look no further than Panda Coffee. Coffee is one of the most popular drinks in the world. Buying and drinking specialty coffee while you head to work or are at your desk has become a common culture among commuters in all areas of the country.


A cup of coffee in the morning does more than kickstart your day; it can relieve a mid-afternoon lull, be a social cue in the office, be an ice breaker in a meeting, and be a delicious break-time refreshment. At Panda Coffee, however, we do much more than specialist coffee; we proudly offer a full end-to-end service for your special event. So from corporate events, such as away days, retreats, conferences, exhibitions or meetings, we offer freshly made street food, buffet-style dining, full meals and exquisite desserts such as crepes and gelato, all as part of the Panda Coffee experience.


Experts In Corporate Coffee Stands For Hire

Forget about the old instant jar of coffee that sits in the office kitchen cupboard. At Panda Coffee, we provide professional and tasty solutions for your company. Whether you run a large or small business, an office block, a single office area, a hotel, or other commercial or industrial space or are hosting a corporate event that requires refreshments, hiring a corporate coffee stand with a skilled barista and chef can be incredibly beneficial for your organisation.


From making your workforce feel valued with the perks of good coffee and tea to delicious hot and cold meals, snacks and more, hiring a coffee stand can increase productivity by boosting morale, energy and appreciation. In addition, contracting an expert corporate coffee stand service can significantly impact your business activity and employee happiness. Generally, staff feel appreciated when they are treated; at Panda Coffee, our catering is highly recommended and always considered a welcome treat. 


Why Choose To Hire Our Corporate Coffee Stands?

Our highly trained team of expert coffee providers are focused on exceptional customer service, delicious coffee and tea and convenience for their clients. Many companies need reasons to ensure their staff enjoy being in the office or at a work event and that it is favoured above working from home.

Our coffee and tea meet all demands, and our food menus are varied choices, including made-to-order pizzas, salads, BBQ, sharing platters, desserts and more. Socialising with colleagues and providing small benefits such as quick and easy access to coffee and other refreshments is a real draw for any workforce. We deliver sound solutions for all office or event sizes, so if you consider adding some coffee culture to your office, event or commercial space, consider Panda Coffee for friendly, reliable and delicious results.


Contact us today to find out more about our corporate coffee stand solutions.

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