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Corporate Coffee Catering Surrey

Corporate Coffee Catering Surrey

Look no further than our experienced team of chefs and project managers for the best corporate coffee catering services in Surrey.


At Panda Coffee we provide high-quality and delicious corporate coffee catering services for Surrey-based companies. Our service allows your team to enjoy professionally brewed coffee, espresso, cappuccino and other speciality drinks right at their office or event space. In addition, we offer the convenience of having fresh and flavourful beverages delivered straight to you so that you can focus on what matters – productivity, morale and employee satisfaction.

Professional Corporate Coffee Catering Services In Surrey


From selecting the freshest beans to carefully preparing every cup with care, we guarantee an excellent experience every time. Plus, we have an extensive selection of options ranging from seasonal flavours to vegan-friendly options. As well as coffee, we offer freshly made street food, buffet-style dining, full meals and exquisite desserts - allowing you to treat your colleagues with delicious hot and cold meals, snacks and more.

Reasons To Choose Our Corporate Coffee Catering Services In Surrey


Our comprehensive range of packages caters for all office or event sizes, so you can rest assured that your refreshments will be served professionally and reliably. So if you're looking for a convenient and delicious way to provide refreshments for your corporate events in Surrey, look no further than Panda Coffee! Contact us today for more information about our services and pricing!

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