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Film Set Catering

Film Set Catering

If you are looking for experts in film set catering, look no further than Panda Coffee for the best in creative and professional services. Our comprehensive coffee service is well established, which is a culmination of experience serving large-scale filming projects across the country, and from the unique creative flair of our passionate chefs and baristas that work tirelessly behind the scenes! Our exciting and contemporary menus ensure no day on set is the same. If you’re searching for a coffee company for your film set, look no further than Panda Coffee. We can’t get enough of the rush that comes with helping to fuel busy film and TV location shoots with our delicious coffee. With our team of coffee connoisseurs, you can expect a service that’s professional, polite and coffee that’s roasted to pure perfection. 

Specialists in Film Set Catering

Panda Coffee are specialists in film set catering. Long days on set require nourishing and energising catering solutions that accommodate all tastes and dietary requirements. As the go-to option for some of the biggest names in the filming industry, we’ve learned to tailor our services to any catering requirements you may need. Our leading team of chefs and baristas, who provide a reliable and flexible service, is what makes us stand out as experts in film set catering. Look no further than Panda Coffee, for beautiful flavours, and a friendly service that will get you through a hectic day of filming. 

Why Choose our Film Set Catering Service?

We’ve served coffee to some of the leading names in the industry. Our team can take on any filming project at a moment’s notice, and are here to serve your premium coffee for shorter filming stints, or prolonged projects. We understand how hard it can be to find a catering service that suits everyone’s tastes. That’s why we’ve created menus that are refreshing and brimming with choice. Keeping a film crew and cast fuelled for those busy days of filming has never been easier, with Panda Coffee’s impeccable and hassle-free film set catering service. 

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