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TV Catering Companies Sussex

TV Catering Companies

If you are looking for TV catering companies in Sussex, look no further than Panda Coffee for the best creative and professional services for your cast and crew. At Panda Coffee, our team of passionate and skilled baristas and chefs has dedicated themselves to bringing the finest coffee menus to the TV catering industry for all those caffeine-fueled crews in need of great-tasting beverages. We are deeply appreciative to be the favoured coffee catering company in Sussex for diverse productions. Our unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional services to each and every client is matched only by the fun and enjoyment we derive from what we do. Panda Coffee stands out as a prominent coffee truck for TV crews throughout Sussex, a culmination of our outstanding team composition, relentless dedication to quality flavours, and our shared passion for everything caffeine-related!

Award-Winning TV Catering Company in Sussex

Panda Coffee is an award-winning TV catering company in Sussex, offering exceptional catering services to the TV industry and its creative professionals. We bring a wealth of experience collaborating with production teams spanning various genres and budgets, understanding the importance of surpassing expectations in terms of timely delivery and quality of our craft beverages and menu options! We prioritise building personal connections with our clients, understanding their unique needs, and delivering a customised service, which is why we embrace an in-house staff approach. This unwavering dedication sets us apart as a top choice for TV catering in Sussex, earning the lasting loyalty of our esteemed clientele. Discover the excellence of our professional coffee vans on your diverse TV projects in Sussex and experience firsthand why we are recognized as a dependable TV catering company in the industry.

Why Choose Our TV Catering Company in Sussex?

Panda Coffee is committed to making every moment on set enjoyable and stress-free. Our main objective is to establish a friendly and inviting atmosphere that encourages connections among the crew, who share a mutual love for caffeine, delectable treats, and a passion for TV. We firmly believe that creating a creative ambiance is crucial for a successful production. Get in touch with us today, and let's work together to organise a personalised TV catering service that will keep your cast and crew energised throughout the filming process.

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