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Film Production

Production Catering Sussex

Coffee Van For TV and Film

If you are looking for production catering in Sussex, look no further than Panda Coffee for the best in creative and professional services for your cast and crew. Panda Coffee takes pride in our team of passionate and talented baristas and chefs who have gone above and beyond to introduce the finest coffee menus to the production catering industry. We are extremely grateful to be the preferred coffee service for numerous film crews and are dedicated to delivering exceptional services to every client we have the privilege of serving. What truly sets Panda Coffee apart as the leading coffee truck for film crews nationwide is our exceptional team composition. Inside our bespoke Coffee Van, our crew consists of a dynamic blend of coffee enthusiasts and acclaimed chefs, all sharing a deep devotion to the craft of coffee and an unwavering quest for exceptional flavours with our leading production services in Sussex.

Expert Production Catering Services in Sussex

Panda Coffee specialises in providing expert production catering services in Sussex and beyond, offering delightful coffee to busy film crews in diverse locations. With extensive experience collaborating with production teams of various genres and budgets, we deeply understand the significance of exceeding expectations. Our commitment to an in-house staff policy stems from our desire to build personal relationships with our clients, understand their specific needs, and offer tailored services. This steadfast dedication distinguishes us as a top selection for production catering in Sussex, garnering the trust and loyalty of our respected customers. Discover the superior quality of our professional coffee vans on your varied film projects in Sussex and see for yourself why we are celebrated as a reliable catering service in the industry.

Why Choose Our Production Catering Services For Your Crew in Sussex?

In Sussex, our production catering services are specifically designed to provide constant support to your busy film crew because we understand the exhilarating and chaotic nature of productions. Our main objective is to create an environment where every moment on set is enjoyable and free from stress. We prioritise creating a warm and inviting environment where the crew can bond over their mutual affection for coffee, delightful snacks, and their united enthusiasm for filmmaking. We are convinced that nurturing a creative atmosphere is essential for the success of any production. Contact us now to arrange a customised production catering service that will keep your cast and crew invigorated during the filming journey.

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