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Why choosing a coffee catering van for TV crews is a smart option

coffee catering van

Organising a catering option that’s right for everyone, is no easy job. It takes research and time to find the right option for your TV crew. However you shouldn’t have to take a gamble, especially when it comes to the TV industry which rests on strict schedules and rigid call times for the cast and crew to ensure a successful project overall. That’s why you need an option that comes personally-recommended, with 100% customer satisfaction across all services delivered.

This is especially true if you’re searching for a coffee catering option. We see coffee as an art form, and our baristas as the gifted artists that have refined their barista skills over years of solid practice. If you’re looking into coffee catering vans to serve a busy TV crew for several days of filming, then we’re here to tell you why you’ve got the right idea. A smart option all round, let’s break down why a coffee catering van company has the potential to uplift the whole atmosphere of a set and will ensure your budget is accurately represented through top-quality catering services, consistently delivered over days of long filming stints.

What we can offer as professional coffee catering van:

Premium equipment & custom-built vans

When it comes to a catering service that can hit the ground running, we come fully equipped with all of the necessary coffee-making gear needed for an efficient service. Our vans are custom built and come fully stocked with a top-of-the-range espresso machine, grinder, hot water dispenser, and milk frother that we quality check each day of service.

A team of outstanding catering professionals

Our trained baristas are nothing short of catering experts, both in the coffee business and with a well-rounded knowledge of the nature of the TV and Film industry. They are trained in the art of craft coffee, serving a variety of coffee drinks quickly and efficiently for your production. They thrive in the fast-paced nature of a busy filming shoot, and all bring a unique personality and creative outlook to the team that ensures they will be a hit with any production team!

Quality ingredients and award-winning menus

To ensure that our coffee is top-notch, We use only the most beautiful blend of high-quality coffee beans, a variety of dairy and non-dairy milk options, and other craft ingredients. Our menus are also regularly updated to ensure each day on set is as exciting as it should be. When it comes to breaking the monotony of long filming days, there’s nobody quite like Panda Coffee to bring a refreshing atmosphere and a selection of the very best piping hot caffeine menus for your filming crew.

Official Licensing

We have all necessary permits and licences required to operate our catering vans, with an outstanding hygiene rating. We consistently check the quality of our service, checking in with our clients to hear their thoughts of how we can improve our service so that we live up to our reputation as an all-time industry favourite.

What are the key benefits coffee catering services can have on a busy set?

Flexibility of service and set-up

TV crews undoubtedly work long hours and may not have the time to walk far for their caffeine fix throughout the day. We can set up our catering vans wherever is accessible for your TV crew, and can be as discreet as possible when it comes to serving between takes.

We can also set up a dining space near to our van to ensure there’s a sociable hangout spot for crew members to mingle and discuss the busy day ahead, over some delicious and nourishing food too!

We can ensure that there’ll be no long winding queues that could threaten the day’s schedule, and we’ll work hard to serve all TV crew members as quickly as possible.

Quality control

By using high-quality ingredients served by professionals who know our bespoke menus inside and out, coffee catering ensures that TV crews receive a high-quality coffee experience that makes them feel valued and taken care of. We never compromise on quality for quantity, which is shown across our high-profile catering projects for an eclectic mix of productions across the country.

Creates the right atmosphere

It’s all about the little things on set. Coffee catering can be a small but significant way to show your appreciation and care for the hardwork and talent of your TV Crew. In addition to this, we work hard to harbour a warm and welcoming environment that’s led with great coffee and even better customer service that’ll always lift the mood on set.

Growing client relationships has always been a key to developing services that keep people coming back, and we’re passionate about enhancing the overall experience of working on a TV production for all involved.

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