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Corporate Coffee Catering Sussex

Corporate Coffee Catering Sussex

If you are looking for experienced corporate coffee catering solutions in Sussex, look no further than our team of specialists. We offer creative menus, classic choices and excellent customer service. 

At Panda Coffee, we deliver freshly made, high-quality coffee to suit all tastes for corporate events such as away days, retreats, conferences, exhibitions or meetings. Our experienced and friendly team will ensure your workforce is always energised and satisfied.

Professional Corporate Coffee Catering Solutions In Sussex


We use the finest beans from renowned sources around the world that artisan baristas have freshly roasted. Our specialist machines allow us to create a delicious range of espresso-based drinks, from cappuccinos and lattes to flat whites and iced coffees - plus, we can provide any alternative syrups, milk or flavours to tailor it to your taste. As well as coffee, we offer freshly made street food, buffet-style dining, full meals and exquisite desserts - allowing you to treat your colleagues with delicious hot and cold meals, snacks and more.

Why Choose Our Corporate Coffee Catering Services In Sussex?

Our comprehensive range of packages caters for all office or event sizes, so you can rest assured that your refreshments will be served professionally and reliably. Plus, our convenient ordering system means you can choose what's right for your business and budget - pre-made items such as sandwiches, pastries, or tailored meals with local ingredients cooked fresh on-site.


Contact us today to learn more about our Corporate Coffee Catering services in Sussex.

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