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Coffee Van For TV and Film

Coffee Van For TV and Film

If you are looking for a coffee catering van for TV and Film, look no further than Panda Coffee for the best in creative and professional services for your cast and crew. Our team of passionate and talented baristas and chefs have worked hard to bring the highest quality of coffee menus to the film catering industry. We are humbled to be the go-to coffee service for many film crews and are dedicated to continuing to provide top-notch services to every client we have the pleasure of working with. Our team is made up of a unique blend of coffee connoisseurs passionate about all things coffee and award-winning chefs that have a lifelong love for fine flavour. That’s what makes Panda Coffee the leading coffee truck for TV and film crews across the country, as we thrive best in an industry full of vibrant personalities that make our work so special. 

The Best Coffee Catering Van For TV and Film Sets

Panda Coffee comes fully equipped with the best coffee catering van for tv and film sets across the UK. We take great pride in our ability to provide high-quality services to all our clients, no matter their location, size, or profile! With years of experience working with production teams working on filming projects of all genres and budgets, we understand the importance of creating an outcome that is 100% satisfactory. We believe in the power of a no-agency staff policy, because we understand the importance of having a friendly team who will get to know your individual needs and deliver a personalised service. This makes us stand out as an expert film catering service supplier that keeps clients coming back every time. 

Why Choose Our Coffee Vans For Your TV & Film Set?

We understand how hectic film sets can be, which is why we make sure our coffee catering truck is the first on set and the last to leave! Our coffee catering services are an industry favourite, so why not choose us for your film set? We strive to ensure that every moment on set is a pleasant and relaxed one. We understand that having a friendly and hospitable atmosphere encourages the crew to bond over the things they love - caffeine, sweet treats and a passion for film of course! We believe that building a creative environment is essential to ensuring a successful production.  Get in touch today, and arrange your tailored film catering service that will have your cast and crew fuelled up for the duration of filming.

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