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Coffee Catering Van Sussex

Coffee Catering Van Sussex

If you are looking for a professional coffee catering van service in Sussex, look no further than Panda Coffee for expert catering. Whether you are hosting a big corporate away day, a party, or any other morning, afternoon or evening event, hiring a coffee catering van could be a welcome treat that all your guests will enjoy. It could be your first of the day, a remedy for the mid-afternoon lull or a delicious digestif at the end of your meal; a nice cup of coffee is welcomed any time of the day. At Panda Coffee, however, we do much more than specialist coffee; we also proudly offer a complete end-to-end service for your special event. So from weddings and parties to corporate events and catering for TV and film production companies, we offer freshly made street food, buffet-style dining, full meals and exquisite desserts such as crepes and gelato, all as part of the Panda Coffee experience. 


Specialist Coffee Catering Van Services In Sussex

From oat milk lattes and iced caramel macchiatos to wood-fired pizzas and tasty bespoke hors d'oeuvres, our vans are beautifully decked out with the best equipment and convenience to provide delicious catering solutions for all. From BBQ, sides and salads, to Asian, Middle-Eastern, and Mediterranean-influenced culinary delights, our team of chefs can create a delicious tailor-made meal or beverage to suit your guests, visitors or staff. So whether you require a one-off event coffee catering van or more regular assistance for your office block, our skilled team can design a service that fits your frequency, schedule and budget. 

Why Choose To Hire Our Coffee Catering Vans In Sussex?

At Panda Coffee, we proudly deliver catering solutions to our customers in the Sussex area. Whatever the occasion, our highly trained team of expert coffee and catering providers are focused on exceptional customer service, delicious food and drinks and high levels of convenience for our clients. Our catering vans are attractive, well-stocked, wholly accessible, and always operated by a professional, vetted and experienced staff member. From office blocks to industrial sites, parties, weddings, and business or local events, expert coffee van services are the best, most inclusive choice for large crowds and any time of day events.  

Contact us today to find out more about our coffee catering van solutions in Sussex.

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