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Coffee Catering Truck for Film Set

Coffee Catering Truck for Film Set

If you are looking for a professional coffee catering truck for your film crews, look no further than Panda Coffee for the best in creative and professional services. We take pride in the sustainability and efficiency of our comprehensive coffee service, with many years of experience serving large-scale filming projects across the country. If you’re searching for a coffee company for your film set, look no further than Panda Coffee. We’ve made a name for ourselves in the industry as the go-to film catering coffee service. We work best in high-pressure environments, and we love fuelling film and TV location shoots with our delicious coffee. With our team of coffee connoisseurs, you can expect a service that’s professional, polite and coffee that’s made to perfection. 

Professional Catering Truck for Film Sets

Panda Coffee offers a professional catering truck for film sets across in a multitude of shoot locations. We understand your needs for sustainable, flavour-filled coffee when it comes to busy and long days of filming. Our client portfolio includes some of the biggest profiles in the film and TV industry, which we’ve worked to build over time through our impeccable service and good-quality coffee. We opt for a no-agency staff policy, as we know the value of having friendly faces on set that can become acquainted with dietary requirements and specific preferences. Our leading team of chefs and baristas, who provide a reliable and flexible service, is what makes us stand out as experts in film catering. 

Reasons to choose our Coffee Catering Truck for Film Sets

Join the leading names in the industry in opting to use our coffee catering truck for film sets you’re in charge of keeping fuelled all day long. When it comes to hiring a trusted film catering company that understands the nature of your industry and tailors services to suit your schedule, there’s really no better company than Panda Company. We make every day on set a new and exciting one to be enjoyed. Get in touch today, and arrange your tailored film catering service that will have your cast and crew fuelled up for a hard day’s work. 

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